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Adorate Deum in Sanctis eius - Gregorian Chant

The chants of the Christian liturgy date to a vast historical period ranging from the beginning of Christianity to the twelfth century. Their creation and development occurred gradually and are closely tied to the formation of the liturgical year and the transformation of musical forms. In the first eight centuries compositions were created, developed and passed on by means of oral tradition. Two repertoires may be distinguished within Western Christian liturgy: the chants of the Divine Office and those of the Mass. Music for the Office consists of psalmodies, antiphons and, later, hymns and responsories. The music for the Mass is subdivided to a greater extent. In the beginning, psalms were employed for the Mass as well as the Office, but with the birth of the Schola toward the late 5th and the early 6th centuries, the repertoire underwent further refinement and development and became clearly distinct from that of the Office. This recording contains both of these repertoires and provides a running commentary, so to speak, to the common thread which links this spiritual elevation: the Trinity, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints.

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Cod.: TC.100002
Composer: AA.VV.
Performers: SCHOLA GREGORIANA“SCRIPTORIA”direzione: Nicola Bellinazzo - Johnny Asolari, Mario Baraldi, Alberto Baratella, Nicola Bellinazzo, Paolo Berton, Giovanni Debei, Lucio Gallana, Luca Marigo, Raoul Righetto, Alessandro Simonato, Federico Soattin, Alessandro Trevisan. salmisti: Nicola Bellinazzo e Raoul Righetto.
Edition: 1999