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Nativitas - Gregorian Chant of Christmas

The Birth of Our Lord Jesus ChristIn Rome on the 25th of December the pagan feast “Natale solis invicti” was celebrated. This date, which coincides with the winter solstice, established a relationship between the biblical symbolism of light and darkness and Christ, absolute victor over the night of sin. The pieces chosen for the recording highlight the theme of light and the joyous coming of the Son of God upon the earth for the salvation of Man. The famous“Puer natus est nobis” and the contemplative “Dominus dixit ad me”, both unique masterpieces of Gregorian chant, could not fail to be included.

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Cod.: TC.100006
Composer: AA.VV.
Performers: SCHOLA GREGORIANA“SCRIPTORIA”direzione:Dom Nicola M. Bellinazzo, osb. Paolo Berton, Filippo Bianchi, Roberto Bignardi, Raul Bucciarelli, Alessandro Marcato, Luca Marigo, Luca Modenese, Raoul Righetto, Andrea Stella, Roberto Loreggian: organo
Edition: October 2005