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Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)
Complete Organ Works, vol. 12

Within this double CD, continuing the last section of the Marco Enrico Bossi complete organ works series dedicated to the transcriptions, the attention is focused on an aspect very important both to the composer and to the Cecilian movement in general: the recovery of the ancient music heritage. In fact, after the excessive power of the Italian opera of those days, two were the aspects for the revival of the instrumental music, sacred and organistic: the alignment to the main european schools, and the rediscovery of the old Italian music school, beacon to the European culture from the Renaissance onwards. In this sense, these “transcriptions of the old masters” revisited by Bossi and adapted to instruments of his time, mark the return to the study of the Italian school of music, making it an integral part and foundation of the modern school. As in the famous phrase by Giuseppe Verdi: “back to the old, it will be progress”, a concept followed to the letter by the Generation of Eighties. For performing these evocative songs, Andrea Macinanti is playing an organ inaugurated by Marco Enrico Bossi himself in 1893. Giovanni Battista Fabris and Elena Perera work on his side on the scores including strings.

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Cod.: TC.862790
Composer: Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)
Performers: Andrea Macinanti, organ
Edition: April 2017
Musicological Text: Andrea Macinanti
Note: World Premiere Recording
Historical Instruments
2Cd Box Set