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Pietro Alessandro Yon (1886-1943)
Complete Organ Works

This first complete edition of organ music by Pietro Alessandro Yon represents an important piece in the mosaic of the Italian organ production of the Cecilian generation where Marco Enrico Bossi, Giovanni Tebaldini, Oreste Ravanello, were the main exponents. Pietro Yon, friend of Bossi, was like a career concert artist and acclaimed by the crowds for the virtuosity and singability of his performances; he made his fortune in America, where he developed his musical talent like his great business skills, never forgetting Italy, that always remained in his heart. The young Bolognese organist Elisa Teglia performs this repertoire on four historical instruments alternating pieces of rare expressiveness with others based on spectacular technicalities, often including popular themes, national anthems and famous melodies, that Yon concertista used for bewitching the crowds at his extraordinary performances.

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Cod.: TC.882370
Composer: Pietro Alessandro Yon (1886-1943)
Performers: Elisa Teglia, organ
Edition: July 2018
Musicological Text: Elisa Teglia, Lorenzo Pestuggia
Note: 4CD Box Set · World Premiere Edition · Historical Instruments

Organ Balbiani Vegezzi Bossi Op. 1519, 1932, Duomo di Como
Organ Tamburini/Bonato 1914/2004, Chiesa Arcipretale della Natività della Beata Vergine Maria di Trebaseleghe
Organ Francesco Vegezzi-Bossi 1914, Cattedrale di Cuneo
Organ Giuseppe Zanin & Figlio 1964, Chiesa dell'Annunziata di Bologna