TC.901101 – Lino Liviabella (1902-1964) Nino Rota (1911-1979) Works for viola and piano – Luca Sanzò, viola · Maurizio Paciariello, piano

Two peculiarities mark out this CD: a revival and a celebration. The revival (or “posthumous redress”, as Guido Salvetticalls it in the text of the booklet) refers to the composer Lino Liviabella. The two Sonatas for viola and piano are a magnificent example of Italian instrumental music from the middle of thetwentieth century: the first one is formed of one movement, and has a diversified structure; the second one is longer, andcomprises three movements. In these works, Liviabella combines technical elaboration with an intense emotional élan,which in some points becomes quite passionate. The celebration is for the composer Nino Rota: 2011 was the centenaryof his birth. To this day, Rota is well-known and highly appreciated, thanks to his cinematographic music and, above all,his collaboration with Fellini. This CD contains all his music for viola and piano, three extensive pieces: a Sonata in Gmajor, a Sonata in C major, and the famous Intermezzo. All of them are characterised by a very melodic, pleasant pace.

Cod.: TC.901101
Total Lenght: 67:33
Edition: December 2011
Composer: Lino Liviabella (1902-1964) · Nino Rota (1911-1979)
Performers: Luca Sanzò, viola · Maurizio Paciariello, piano
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 67:33
Edizione: Dicembre 2011
Compositore: Lino Liviabella (1902-1964) · Nino Rota (1911-1979)
Esecutori: Luca Sanzò, viola · Maurizio Paciariello, pianoforte
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Title: Works for Viola and Piano
Titolo: Works for Viola and Piano
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