The special kind of energy and inspiration in this music can perhaps be attributed to Tarquinio Merula‘s unstable character. His sacred vocal works are full of references to secular music: the psalms and motets use a “romanesca” bass and a whole mass in composed on a “ruggiero” bass; they include curious devices such as vocal “ostinati” and enigmatic canons. In the 17th century more and more instrumental music began to be performed during mass, so it was natural for composers to use musical elements which were common to secular compositions (with an ease uncommon to our present-day concept of sacred) to express the intimate emotional messages of sacred texts. Merula’s ingenious inventive vein is also apparent in his music for organ, permeating both the common musical genre of that time and “less modern” ones with vivacity and a search for new ideas.

Cod.: TC.591301
Edition: 1999
Composer: TARQUINIO MERULA (1595-1665)
Note: Organo di Giovanni Battista Facchetti 1526 , della Chiesa di San Michele in Bosco a Bologna ( tracce 1- 9 ) - Organo positivo di Carlo Traeri 1675 , della Chiesa di Sant’Eugenio papa a Bologna ( tracce 10 -16 )
Edizione: 1999
Periodo Storico: (Italiano) Barocco
Compositore: TARQUINIO MERULA (1595-1665)
Esecutori: Francesco Cera, organo
Title: Complete Organ Works
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Performers: Francesco Cera, Organ
Titolo: Complete Organ Works
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