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Giovanni Battista Ferrini (1601-1674), Padre Narciso da Milano (1672-17??), Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1757), Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), Anonomo Pistoiese (metà XVIII sec.), Ignazio Pacotto (1763-1834), Anonimo (pubblicazione 1812), Francesco Vegni (1771-1845), Anonimo (1809)
The Organ of Grondona

The rare organThe title of this recording refers to both the uniqueness of the instrument played, and to the rarity of the pieces included, some of which are recorded here for the first time. The organ of the parochial church of Grondona (in the province of Alessandria), was attributed until recently to Domenico Tagliafico, “pupil of Cav. Bianchi” of Novi Ligure, according to a plaque placed on the front panel above the keyboard. But it has now been established that the instrument was in fact the work of the more famous and prestigious organ builder Carlo Giuliani of Milan, who completed it in 1837. Because of certain questions concerning the organ as it appeared before the restoration—in particular, the division between bass and soprano which was not the same in all registers, and the incongruence of a apparently chromatic first octave, which was in fact “short” or “in sixths—a thorough investigation into the archival records was undertaken. This research, in fact, unearthed decisive data relevant to the attribution of the organ.