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Missa pro Defunctis, Mottetti e Sonate

The work of Cavalli represents an important stage in the evolution of seventeenth-century serious opera. If, on the one hand, he can be considered as following in the footsteps of Claudio Monterverdi, on the other, his continuous experimentation and codification of expressive media make him a crucial reference point for composers to come. The melodic gusto of Cavalli’s operas added to the realism full of intense dramatic power and dotted with brilliant melodic intuitions is what makes his work truly stand out in the musical art of those times. In sacred music, Cavalli’s highly-distinguished production deserves great attention as part of the glowing and grandiose output of the Venetian tradition (Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Grandi, etc. ) however, towards the end of his life, his work is that of an innovator insofar as he renounces the concerted style with obbligato instruments

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Cod.: TC.600312
Composer: CAVALLI PIER FRANCESCO (1602-1676)
Performers: YETZABEL ARIAS FERNADEZ* soprano, FLORIN CEZAR OUATU **sopranista ROBERTO QUINTARELLI ** alto, MICHAEL PAUMGARTEN tenore, GIANLUCA BURATTO basso Coro “C.Monteverdi” di Crema Quoniam (consort di fagotti rinascimentali) - Paolo Tognon Academia Dià.Pason (consort di viole da gamba) - Cristiano Contadin Cantori Gregoriani direttore: Fulvio Rampi direttore: Bruno Gini alto Paolo Costa; tenori: Vincenzo Di Donato, Fabio Furnari; baritono; Marco Scavazza Schola Gregoriana Ergo Cantemus ** direttore: Nicola Bellinazzo organo: Roberto Loreggian
Edition: May 2004