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CARLO RAINALDI (1611 - 1691)
Cantate e Duetti vol. II

Following the CD dedicated to cantatas, arias and lamentations, (Tactus 611801) the Romabarocca Ensemble continues to present the remaining works by the architect Carlo Rainaldi, preserved for the most part in foreign libraries, from Oxford to Parigi, from Illinois to Vienna. This recording is a further testimony to this worthy musician, whoseworks have come to light thanks to the research into musical holdings throughout the world, that Maestro Tozzi began in the year 2000.

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Cod.: TC.611802
Composer: CARLO RAINALDI (1611 - 1691)
Performers: Rosita Frisani and Cristina Iannicola, sopranos · Romabarocca Ensemble · Lorenzo Tozzi, conductor
Edition: July 2010
Note: volume I available on Tactus by the same author and Ensemble: TC611801