TC.761303-Niccola Monti-Miserere · Nelle ore desolate di Maria bon parole · Marco Giacintucci

We know very little about Niccola Monti, composer born in Penne (Pescara) where he lived between the XVIII and XIX century; this world premiere recording includes all that remained of his work that, unfortunately, went almost completely lost. His compositional ability is of extremely high level: even though he lived for his entire musical life in the environment of the Abruzzo province, Niccola Monti could remain updated and in line with the most modern style of the great european music schools, giving high personality and inspiration to his music. Through a very careful philological vocal and instrumental approach, the ensemble led by Marco Giacintucci offers to us the surviving sacred works, both connected to the Holy week, among which a special mention is deserved by the “Miserere”, passed down orally by choirs from 1800 to our days, becoming a unique heritage of the community of Penne.

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Cod.: TC.761303
Compositore: Niccola Monti (1767-1838)
Composer: Niccola Monti (1767-1838)
Titolo: Miserere per voci virili, due violini e basso generale<br> Nelle ore desolate di Maria, Cantata sacra per soli, coro e orchestra
Title: Miserere for male voices, two violins and continuo<br> Nelle ore desolate di Maria, sacred Cantata for solos, choir and orchestra
Esecutori: Ensemble De bon parole<br>Marco Giacintucci, direttore
Performers: De bon parole ensemble<br>Marco Giacintucci, conductor
Edizione: Maggio 2016
Edition: May 2016
Testo_Musicologico: Marco Giacintucci
Musicological_Text: Marco Giacintucci
Note_it: World Premiere Recording · Strumenti Storici
Note: World Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments
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