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Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955)
Songs for voice and piano

Within this monographic album, soprano Gabriella Morigi and pianist Adriano Tumiatti are rediscovering the vocal chamber music repertoire by Francesco Balilla Pratella belonging to the Italian Futurism, the historical literary, artistic and political movement founded by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909. The Futurism has left us great literary and figurative masterpieces yet, on its musical level, has been almost forgotten, partly due to its contemporaneity with the most famous “Generation of the Eighty”. After the Great War the wave of the futurist revolt came to weaken and Pratella devoted himself to ethnomusicological research publishing important studies and collections concerning the Italian folklore, and in particular that of his homeland, the Romagna region.

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Cod.: TC.881601
Composer: Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955)
Performers: Gabriella Morigi, soprano
Adriano Tumiatti, piano
Edition: September 2019
Musicological Text: Adriano Tumiatti
Note: World Premiere Recording
Lyric: Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955)