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Giuseppe Antonio Ellena (1868-?), Camillo Sivori (1815-1894), Bernardino Lanzi (fine sec. XIX), Ferruccio Carlo Alberti (1844-1913), Ottorino Respighi (1879–1936), Francesco Paolo Neglia (1874-1932), Antonio Casellati (Sec. XX), Girolamo de Angelis (1858-1935), Tullio Ramacciotti (1819-1910)
Prece ad un Angelo - Rare Works of Italian Romanticism

Holy, true and universal art:experiments for a reformed melody in recovered violin pages. This recording gathers for the first time a number of short compositions dated betweenthe late 18th and early 19th century, dedicated to the “angelic voice” of the violin accompanied by the organ. By observing these pages against the light, one can spot thecharacteristics of the renewal movement of sacred music: in prayers, meditations, songsof worship or melodic preludes, the aim is to find a pure and noble sound, which isworthy of the new cultural needs, concise and thus consistent with the principles ofhumbleness and subordination dictated by Pope Pius X in his Motu Proprio on sacredmusic promulgated on November 22nd, 1903.