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Golinelli Stefano (1818-1891)
Due persieri affettuosi, 24 preludes Op. 69, Barcarola Op. 35

In the nineteenth century we can see the predominant rise of the piano which in those years made new and very important technical advances and attained an expressiveness and timbre that can be held responsible for the phenomenon of the great virtuosi. In Italy there were actually a lot of pianist composers who not only composed brilliant pieces and fantasias on the most important operas, revealing their virtuosity and the possibilities of the instrument, but they were also attentive observers who provided the link between the musical life of Europe and Italy. Among these pianist composers, one of the most important is Stefano Golinelli, today still disregarded, although he played a very significant role in the musical scene of nineteenth century and was highly esteemed by his contemporaries.

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Cod.: TC.810701
Composer: Golinelli Stefano (1818-1891)
Performers: Giuseppe Fausto Modugno (solo piano) playing on a Erard piano formerly owned by Stefano Golinelli
Edition: October 2004