TC.811901 – CAMILLO SIVORI (1815-1894) – Works for violin and Piano – Mauro Tortorelli, violin · Angela Meluso, piano

Camillo Sivori, also called “Paganinetto”, was Nicolò Paganini’s only pupil, and, unlike his teacher, began to performabroad at a very young age (twelve), exciting great admiration in the concert halls of London and Paris. From 1840, yearof Paganini’s death, he became the first, fervent propagator of the great Maestro’s music, advancing and maturing theconcept of interpretation, and moving beyond the limiting condition of virtuosity as an end in itself. This was clearly confirmed by his “premiere” of the complete corpus of Beethoven’s quartets (London 1845-1846), and by the fact that Verdi decided to entrust to him the first performance of his one and only quartet. The duo formed of Mauro Tortorelli and Angela Meluso performs the most representative pieces of this forgotten Genoese genius with exquisite elegance, creating an admirable symbiosis between the operatic, cantabile style of Italian music and the acrobatic virtuosity derived from Paganini’s great teaching.

Cod.: TC.811901
Total Lenght: 63:19
Edition: FEBRUARY 2012
Composer: CAMILLO SIVORI (1815-1894)
Performers: Mauro Tortorelli, violin · Angela Meluso, piano
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 63:19
Edizione: FEBBRAIO 2012
Compositore: CAMILLO SIVORI (1815-1894)
Esecutori: Mauro Tortorelli, violino · Angela Meluso, pianoforte
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Title: Works for Violin and Piano
Titolo: Works for Violin and Piano
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