TC.841902 – GIOVANNI SGAMBATI – The Complete Piano Works – Vol. II – FRANCESCO CARAMIELLO

Even if now almost forgotten, Giovanni Sgambati certainly was one of the most talented Italian pianist of the second half of the XIX century. He was a real enfant prodige and he was only seven years old when he could perfection his piano studies with Franz Liszt, becoming friend with Richard Wagner that appreciated him to the point that he helped him in publishing his early compositions and solicited him to give music - at the end, with no success - to the Pietro Cossa Nerone. The second volume of this extremely interesting Giovanni Sgambati COMPLETE PIANO WORKS series gives light to the still unknown area of interest within the XIX century Italian music panorama (in those days totally concentrated on the opera). The highly talented and eclectic Francesco Caramiello is the star of this CD, and he is capable of giving his best on the very original Sgambati music writing. In particular on the Benedizione nuziale, composed for the future wedding of Vittorio Emanuele III and Elena di Montenegro, he succeeded in putting together (in a very convincing manner) the Palestrina austere classic style, the new Wagner projected in the future, and the visonary and daring Liszt opera. Absolutely: not to be missed!!

Total Lenght: 74:46
Edition: NOVEMBER 2010
Composer: GIOVANNI SGAMBATI (1841-1914)
Performers: Francesco Caramiello, piano
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 74:46
Edizione: NOVEMBRE 2010
Compositore: GIOVANNI SGAMBATI (1841-1914)
Esecutori: Francesco Caramiello, pianoforte
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Cod.: TC.841902
Total Length: 74:46
Title: Complete Piano Works Vol. II
Titolo: Complete Piano Works Vol. II
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