TC.860201 – FERRUCCIO BUSONI – Quartets for Strings – Opera 19 (1880-82) and Opera 26 (1887)-Quartetto Webern

At the time of the first quartet, Busoni was a young composer still concerned with his own training, which alternated between fecund creativity as a composer and his activity as a concert pianist.
A few years later he found himself in Vienna, independent of his family and living the life of a “typical twenty-year-old artist’, happy about his newly-won freedom, aware of his own responsibilities, and full of seriousness and resolve.
This was a difficult period for him, due both to financial difficulties and to a creative crisis which accompanied a deeply felt sense of renewal.
“The period of the Secondo Quartetto was terrible.
The first movement remained incomplete for more than a year and I had neither the courage nor the inspiration to continue.
[…] The task was beyond me; it was not until a year later that I had matured a bit and was able to complete it…”

Cod.: TC.860201
Edition: January 2003
Historic period: romantic
Composer: Busoni Ferruccio (1866 -1924)
Composer: Busoni Ferruccio
Performers: Quartetto Webern
Ensemble: Quartetto Webern
Edizione: Gennaio 2003
Periodo Storico: (Italiano) romantico
Compositore: Busoni Ferruccio (1866 -1924)
Esecutori: Quartetto Webern
Organico: (Italiano) Quartetto Webern
Title: String Quartets Op. 19, 1880-82 e Op. 26, 1887
Titolo: String Quartets Op. 19, 1880-82 e Op. 26, 1887
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