TC.862715 – Marco Enrico Bossi – Complete Organ Works vol. V – organ: Andrea Macinanti

Volume 5 of the Marco Enrico Bossi, Complete Organ Works series, performed by Maestro Andrea Macinanti in Aosta at the S. Maria Assunta Cathedral organ, built by Carlo Vegezzi-Bossi of Turin in 1902 (op. 1095); renovated by Vegezzi-Bossi of Centallo in 1979. Marco Enrico Bossi (Born Salò, 1861 - died at sea between New York and Le Havre, 1925), studied at the Milan Conservatory under Polibio Fumagalli (organ), Francesco Sangalli (piano), Carlo Boniforti, Cesare Dominiceti and Amilcare Ponchielli (composition). He was appointed organist and maestro di cappella at Como Cathedral (1881-1889), taught the organ at the Naples conservatory (1890-1895) and was director of the Conservatories and taught composition in Venice (1895-1902), Bologna (1902-11) and Roma (1916-1923). Bossi was a famous performer, composer and teacher (he reorganised the syllabuses of theConservatories), and was the first internationally famous Italian concert artist. He was conferred the highest ranks in the Kingdom, became an honorary member of the most prestigious foreign and Italian Academies and enjoyed the esteem and friendship of great musicians and men of letters.

Cod.: TC.862715
Total Lenght: 79:33
Edition: MARCH 2011
Composer: MARCO ENRICO BOSSI (1861-1925)
Performers: Andrea Macinanti, organ
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 79:33
Edizione: MARZO 2011
Compositore: MARCO ENRICO BOSSI (1861-1925)
Esecutori: Andrea Macinanti, organo
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Title: Complete Organ Works vol. V
Titolo: Complete Organ Works vol. V
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