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Violin and Piano Works

Born in Naples in 1876, Fusella immediately appeared as one of the most talented soloists within the end of the century Neapolitanmusic scene. At only twenty he in fact took part in a very long tournée from Ejypt to the Far East. In 1899 he moved to Sweden where he remained for six years setting up a violin school. Once he returned to Naples, he received the violin professorship at the St. Peters’ of Majella Conservatory, where heremained for 35 years until passing away in 1972 at almost one hundred years old!!The works featured in this (WORLD PREMIERE) beautiful CD represent a very interesting selection of Fusella’s violin and piano repertoire easily delivering the rich melodic vein and extraordinary expressivness of this Neapolitan composer: from the lively Neapolitan recollections (Capri, Faraglioni and Scherzo Napoletano) to the evocative pictures of far away countries (Danze polonesi and Aria svedese). The absolute stars of this CD are the violinist Mauro Tortorelli and the pianist Angela Meluso, loyal paladins of this composer that truly deserves and needs to be re-discovered!

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Cod.: TC.870601
Composer: GAETANO FUSELLA (1876-1972)
Performers: Mauro Tortorelli, violin · Angela Meluso, piano
Edition: November 2010