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Giovanni Battista Bassani (1647?-1716)
Oratorio for 5 voices, strings and continuo

“Les Nations” is an ensemble specializing in the rediscovery of the oratorio musical form, from the Renaissance to the Baroque. In this production “Les Nations” is faced with an an almost unknown author that, once again proves he deserves a place among the great. The few surviving works by Giovanni Battista Bassani, whose life remains mostly mysterious, testimony the incredible range and greatness of his musical writing. No exception is the Giona, the realization of which marked the debut of Bassani’s oratorio at the court of Francesco II d’Este, Duke of Modena and Reggio, great lover of music, whose appointment had to be a great opportunity for the composer’s artistic career, aware he could count both on an experienced and passionate client and almost unlimited resources.

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Cod.: TC.640290
Composer: Giovanni Battista Bassani (1647?-1716)
Performers: Giona: Carlo Vistoli
Speranza: Laura Antonaz
Obbedienza: Margherita Rotondi
Testo: Mauro Borgioni
Atrebate: Raffaele Giordani
Ensemble Les Nations
Maria Luisa Baldassari, conductor
Edition: June 2016
Musicological Text: Elisabetta Pasquini
Note: 2cd box set · World Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments
Lyric: Giovanni Battista Bassani (1647?-1716)