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Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)
Complete Keyboard Works Vol. V

Fifth volume of the Alessandro Scarlatti complete works for keyboard series. On this new release we enjoy the small Carlo Serassi op. 442 of 1836 organ (“Organino”), today located in the basilica of S. Maria di Campagna, in Piacenza, after being placed in 1859 in the Municipal Theater in the same city. This unique instrument, originally “Organo da Sala in Casa Serassi” is perfectly suited to the Toccatas, Sonatas and Follias from the great master from Palermo. Extremely interesting is the interpretation by Francesco Tasini, that - absolute master of the period performance practice - succeeds in giving us a perfect understanding of the correct approach to the compositions by Alessandro Scarlatti, true founder of the Neapolitan keyboard School.

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Cod.: TC.661915
Composer: Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)
Performers: Francesco Tasini, organ
Edition: October 2016
Musicological Text: Francesco Tasini
Note: World Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments · Organ Carlo Serassi op. 442, 1836