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Azzolino Della Ciaia (1671-1755)
Complete Keyboard Works

The rediscovery of an amazing composer. This collection offers the world premiere of the complete works for keyboard by Azzolino Bernardino Della Ciaja, “non professional” student of music, as he used to call himself, and member of the Sacro Militare Ordine Marittimo dei Cavalieri di Santo Stefano from the age of seven. Sixteen years of traveling on the Cavalieri di Santo Stefano ships - where he gave birth to many of his compositions - bring him in contact with most of the world known at his time from which he collects the experience shown in its experimental extravagance. He writes the first “glissato” in the history of music, uses writing techniques that will not be used until almost the advent of Romanticism, designs and built an organ with five keyboards and three pedals! His visionary music, outside all parameters of his time, come back to us on this album by the virtuosity of Mara Fanelli at the harpsichord, and the expertise of Olimpo Medori, on the Romani-Agati-Tronci three keyboards and double pedals organ.

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Cod.: TC.670480
Composer: Azzolino Della Ciaia (1671-1755)
Performers: Mara Fanelli, harpsichord
Olimpio Medori, organ
Edition: September 2016
Musicological Text: Francesco Tasini
Note: 3CD Box Set · World Premiere Edition · Historical Instruments
Organ Romani-Agati-Agati/Tronci 1775-1856 Church S. Maria Assunta in Gavinana (Pistoia)