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Filippo Sauli (XVII-XVIII sec.)
Six Partitas for solo mandolino

The absolute rarity represented by this world premiere concerning the historic mandolin is offered to us by the rediscovery and performance of the specialist Davide Rebuffa, that, on two original eighteenthcentury instruments brings to light the Six Partitas for solo mandolin by Filippo Sauli. Unfortunately we do not have much information about the life of the composer of Florentine origins, but we know that he was hired in Vienna at the Hapsburg court in the early eighteenth century when he probably composed this music that, as compared to the seventeenth-century manuscripts (whose content consists of simple dances, not yet in extended musical forms such as Suites or Sonatas), mark an important change in the nature of the mandolin repertoire of the Baroque period.

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Cod.: TC.671901
Composer: Filippo Sauli (XVII-XVIII sec.)
Performers: Davide Rebuffa, mandolino
Edition: October 2018
Musicological Text: Davide Rebuffa
Note: World Premiere Recording · Strumenti Storici