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Arcangelo Corelli ( 1653-1713)
Sonate a trè da Chiesa Op. I, 1681

Corelli’s predilection for trio chamber sonatas finds an explanation in the composer’s desire to employ high instruments, of equal tessitura and timbre, conversing among themselves at a significant distance from the lower voice. The subtle equilibrium between a balanced, but strict use of a contrapuntal structure, on the hand, and the grandeur and splendor of the Baroque architecture on the other hand, make these sonatas very difficult to imitate.

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Cod.: TC.650305
Composer: Arcangelo Corelli ( 1653-1713)
Performers: Il Ruggiero, strumenti d’epoca-violini: Giovanni Adamo, Francesco La Bruna; violoncello: Alessandro Palmeri; tiorba e arciliuto: Diego Cantalupi; clavicembalo e direzione: Emanuela Marcante
Edition: 1998