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Ludovico Roncalli (1654-1713)
Capricci Armonici per chitarra spagnola

Roncalli’s music represents a perfect balance between melody and chord, in a continuous interweaving marked by embellishments and trills. Melodies and chords are the two prerogatives which have been proper to the guitar throughout its history, and they were particularly valued, understood and exalted in the baroque guitar. Consequently, Roncalli should be numbered among the great guitarists of his day. The performance of his music requires a certain technical mastery of the instrument on the part of the interpreter and listening to it can easily transport us to the rose-colored salons of the Italian baroque period. This recording is thus an homage to this magnificent artisan of the guitar: the Abbot and Count Roncalli, ancestor of Pope Roncalli himself, better known as the Blessed Pope John XXIII.

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Cod.: TC.651801
Composer: Ludovico Roncalli (1654-1713)
Performers: Giacomo Parimbelli, guitar
Edition: April 2006