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Albergati Pirro Capacelli (1663-1735)
La Beata Caterina da Bologna tentata di solitudine, oratorio - Magnificat e Cantate spirituali

Count Capacelli Pirro, or “P. C. A. ” as he usually signed himself, was part of the noble Albergati family. He was born in Bologna on 20th September 1663 and was an amateur violinist and composer (at that time a nobleman could only be described as an “amateur”) and was undoubtedly one of the most important and well-liked musicians in Bologna at the end of the 17th century. He studied with Giacomo Antonio Perti and was particularly friendly with Arcangelo Corelli. Giovanni Bononcini and Giuseppe Iacchini dedicated works to him. He took a very lively part in the life of the town and was appointed Anziano and Gonfaloniere of Bologna more than once. Bologna was a very wealthy town and was the cultural cross roads for old and new trends. Most interestingly, it had a lively musical scene, and was the seat of important institutions and academies, and famous singers and instrument players who founded schools and originated genres and styles. Bologna was famous for the sumptuous feasts, banquets and receptions attended by princes and nobility from all over Europe, and held in palace courtyards, piazzas and villas. There was music everywhere. The Albergati family were famous for continua festa (continuous festivities) even though it involved grandissime spese (vast amounts of money). In the race to achieve honour and prestige, it was natural for a young nobleman to try to obtain favours from the powerful, and Conte Pirro somehow managed to gain the confidence of Leopold I, Emperor of Austria.

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Cod.: TC.660101
Composer: Albergati Pirro Capacelli (1663-1735)
Performers: FORTUNA ENSEMBLE - Soprano: Valentina Domenicali, Basso: Gastone Sarti Contralto: Marcella Ventura, Tenore: Andrea Fusari Fortuna Ensemble dir. Roberto Cascio Violino: Rossella Croce, Mary Riccardi, Viola: Gianfranco Russo Violoncello: Cecilia Amadori, Violone: Alessandro Pivelli, Arciliuto: Roberto Cascio Chitarrone: Fabio Mori, Cembalo: Marco Ghirotti Soli e Coro: Maria Adele Magnelli, Marcella Ventura, Gianni Dattolo, Ettore Schiatti Coro: Valentina Domenicali, Grazia Paolella, Rita Pedretti, Miriam Montero, Marta Serra, Lorenzo Venturoli, Angelo Pompilio
Edition: December 2003