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Il Convito di Baldassarro, Oratorio à 5 con strumenti

In the “Fondo Albergati” of the Archivio di Stato in Bologna, Mazzo 63 is a folder marked ONORI RICEVUTI DAL CO. PIRRO ALBERGATI DA S.M.C. LEOPOLDO PRIMO. It contains the originals and copies of about twenty letters exchanged over the course of a few decades between the Imperial Secretary to Leopold I and people involved in furthering contacts with him. The documentation begins in 1687, the year when Il Plettro Armonico was published. This is a collection of twelve sonatas for two violins, cello and basso continuo which “the Most Humble, Devoted and Obliging Servant Pirro Albergati” sent to “His Most August Laurel”. The holdings preserve the original manuscript of the dedicatory letter. The Narativa, dating from1690, is the report which the young count made of his attendance, as appointed representative of the imperial court, at the exposition of certain medical conclusions made by Doctor Baldassarre Franco Pistorini, son of Dottor Raimondo, (“who had the honor of serving His Royal Highness during his dangerous illnesses”), on Saturday 11 March at 9:30 pm in the church of S. Giovanni in Monte a Bologna. Another folder contains the passport issued to Pirro from the Viennese court in 1699. The last pack of letters, written between April and September of 1719, concerns the tribute of two oratorios: Il Baldassarro, composed in 1691, and L’innocenza di Sant’Eufemia, included in the Opera Decima of 1714.

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Cod.: TC.660102
Performers: Fortuna Ensemble: Gastone Sarti, Maria Adele Magnelli, Marcella Ventura, Andrea Fusari, Valentina Domenicali · Laura Mirri e Gabriele Raspanti, violins · Nicola Calzolari, Gianni Maraldi, Giuseppe Donnici, violas · Cecilia Amadori, cello · Alessandro Pivelli, violone · Roberto Cascio, archlute · Marco Ghirotti, harpsichord
Edition: October 2006