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Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1750)
Concerti a cinque Op. VII, 1716 (part II)

The 12 Concerti a cinque op. 7 by Tomaso Albinoni were printed in Amsterdam by the publisher Estienne Roger, presumably in 1716. These concertos follow the six others contained in the Sinfonie e Concerti a cinque op. 2 of 1700 and the 12 Concerti a cinque for strings op. 5 of 1707. Here for the first time oboes are introduced into the ensemble. The concertos are ordered according to the esprit de geometry which characterised the early eighteenth century, displaying a symmetrical inner arrangement similar to Vivaldi’s earlier Estro Armonico. The third of the three concertos recorded here does not belong to op. 7 and is today almost entirely unknown. It is in G Major, it is extant in a printed collection, the anthology Harmonia Mundi, published in London by Welshand Hare in 1728. J. G. Pisendel was a composer and pupil of Vivaldi during the years in which he wrote his opus 7. As a musician, he was dedicated to the spreading of Venetian music in the city of Dresden, where he resided and was employed at court. It is thus no coincidence that the three concertos and the sonata which appear on this CD and complete Albinoni’s second book of op. 7 are extant in manuscripts preserved in German libraries.

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Cod.: TC.670104
Composer: Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1750)
Performers: Paolo Pollastri, solista e concertatore; Simone Bensi, II° Oboe e Oboe d’amore - Symphonia Perusina : su strumenti d’epoca - violino di concerto: Luca Arcese; violini primi: Alessia Monacelli, Luca Tironzelli, Paolo Castellani; violini secondi: Claudio Becchetti, Corinna Ruppert, Pierluigi Mencaglia; viole: Domenicantonio Natalucci, Luca Moretti; violoncelli: Marco Becchetti, Luigi Ricci; contrabbasso: Luca Collazoni; organo: Rita Gasparrini; clavicembalo: Eugenio Becchetti; fagotto: Alberto Santi
Edition: 1999