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Works for Strings and Continuo

The four Sonate a cinque from Op. 3, the three Sonate a quattro from Op. 6, and the Concerto for strings [with violinobbligato] and basso continuo, by the violinist and composer Carlo Antonio Marino, from Bergamo (1670-1735),represent the climax of this musician’s considerable production of pieces for strings and basso continuo. The Sonate acinque (1697) are elegant and ambitious, while the Sonate a quattro (1706) are more intimate and bent on seeking a newmode of expression. All these pieces are characterised by a perfect balance between a rigorous, monodic style and amarked lyricism in the slow movements. The Concerto a quattro for strings and basso continuo, the second of the threethat were composed by Marino and are still in manuscript form, shows, within a structure that is quite similar to thatof the Sonate, a refined violinistic style, based on double-string imitations, arpeggios and high-note passages that bearwitness to the degree of virtuosity attained by this violinist.

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Cod.: TC.671301
Composer: CARLO ANTONIO MARINO (1670-1735)
Performers: Orchestra «Carlo Antonio Marino» · Natale Arnoldi, conductor
Edition: May 2012