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Vivaldi Antonio (1678-1741)
Concertos transcripted for Organ

This recording returns to the ancient and longstanding practice of the “transcription”, and presents some of Vivaldi’s most celebrated concertos, “reduced” for organ. The exemplary model for reviving this typical means of adaptation for the keyboard is provided both by the splendid concerto transcriptions realized by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) during his Weimar period (1713-14), and by the organ “tranpositions” of concertos made by Johann Gottfried Walther (1684-1748). The two musicians, commissioned by the young prince Johann Ernst of Saxony-Weimar (1696-1715), tried their own hand at the fashion begun by the famous organist of the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, Jan Jacob de Graaf (1672 ca. -1738), by transcribing numerous instrumental compositions for harpsichord and organ, favoring especially works by such Italian masters as Tommaso Albinoni, Arcangelo Corelli, Giorgio Gentili, Giovanni Lorenzo Gregori, Luigi Mancia, Giulio Taglietti, Giuseppe Torelli, Alessandro and Benedetto Marcello, and Antonio Vivaldi.

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Cod.: TC.672241
Composer: Vivaldi Antonio (1678-1741)
Performers: Francesco Tasini all’Organo della Chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesso, Bologna
Edition: April 2004