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Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Concertos for two Violins, Strings and Continuo

This new CD by Fabrizio Ammetto, director of “L’Orfeo Ensemble” from Spoleto, includes seven concertos for two violins and orchestra by Antonio Vivaldi, most of which are recorded here for the first time. The performance attempts to give an idea of the richness of the tone colour sought by Vivaldi for the performance of these concerts, compositions that deserve to be known on account of their considerable artistic merits. The CD is the result of a long research work carried out by Fabrizio Ammetto, Vivaldi’s specialist and member of the international Editorial Committee of the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi (Fondazione Giorgio Cini) in Venice. The English translation of the booklet is by Michael Talbot, the greatest expert on Vivaldi in the world.

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Cod.: TC.672253
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Performers: «L’Orfeo Ensemble» di Spoleto with original instruments: Angelo Cicillini, solo violin · Luca Venturi, solo violin · Riccardo Fondacci, violin · Monica Pontini, violin · Francesca Raggi, violin · Elisabetta Crisostomi, violin · Marco Onofri, viola · Elga Ciancaleoni, viola · Maurizio Massarelli, cello [continuo] · Ermanno Vallini, cello · Roberto Riccardi, violon · Roberto Caravella, theorbo and leute [continuo] · Mario Del Grosso, harpsichord [continuo] · Angelo Silvio Rosati, organ [continuo] · Fabrizio Ammetto, concertatore and conductor
Edition: April 2012
Musicological Text: Fabrizio Ammetto
Note: Translation of the text by Michael Talbot