TC.681904 – DOMENICO SCARLATTI – Sonate per cembalo 1742 parte seconda -Francesco Cera Clavicembalo, spinetta e organo

This CD is a continuation of the recording of all the music in the first and oldest of the volumes of the Scarlatti codices, housed in the Marciana Library in Venice (first part TC 681903).
When taking the style into consideration, it would appear that the music in this manuscript is by the young Scarlatti and was composed over a long period – it is difficult to define how long - but part of it may date back to the time before Scarlatti moved to Spain in about 1720.
There is a striking difference between the relative archaism of some of these pages, for example the Variations in A minor K.
61, and the remarkable maturity of the first group of fifteen sonatas (some of which are recorded in Vol.
This difference bears witness to the length of time it took for Scarlatti to reach maturity which, like the metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly, made him the great composer whose music we recognise even from the very first notes.

Cod.: TC.681904
Edition: 2002
Historic period: Baroque
Composer: Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
Composer: Scarlatti Domenico
Performers: Francesco Cera Clavicembalo, spinetta e organo
Note: Clavicembalo costruito da Barthélémy Formentelli, Verona 1987, copia di uno strumento di Bartolomeo Cristofori, Firenze 1690 ca.
Edizione: 2002
Periodo Storico: (Italiano) Barocco
Compositore: Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
Esecutori: FRANCESCO CERA clavicembalo, spinetta e organo
Title: Harpsichord Sonatas, 1742 (part II)
Titolo: Harpsichord Sonatas, 1742 (part II)
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