TC.681905 – DOMENICO SCARLATTI – Sonate per cembalo 1742 parte terza – Cera Francesco Fortepiano e Clavicembalo

In the courts where Domenico Scarlatti stayed on his way to Madrid, there were not only harpsichords, but also a recently invented keyboard instrument call the “cimbalo di piano e forte detto volgarmente di martelletti” (piano and forte harpsichord, commonly called ‘a harpsichord with hammers’), which I have used in this recording, and called the fortepiano as is customary nowadays.
Sometime between 1702 and 1703 Domenico and his father were appointed to the Court of Ferdinando de’ Medici in Florence where, at least two years before, the outstandingly skilled Cristofori had invented and built this new instrument with hammers, which could, in contrast to the harpsichord, vary the dynamic loudness of sounds.
Scarlatti must have seen the fortepiano where it originated in the first years of its use.

Cod.: TC.681905
Edition: November 2003
Historic period: baroque
Composer: Scarlatti Domenico (1685-1757)
Composer: Scarlatti Domenico
Performers: Cera Francesco Fortepiano e Clavicembalo
Ensemble: Cera Francesco Fortepiano e Clavicembalo
Director: Cera Francesco
Note: Fortepiano costruito da Kerstin Schwarz, Vicchio 1997 copia da Bartolomeo Cristofori, Firenze 1726 Clavicembalo costruito da Tony Chinnery, Vicchio 2001 copia da Carlo Grimaldi, Messina 1697
Edizione: Novembre 2003
Periodo Storico: (Italiano) barocco
Compositore: Scarlatti Domenico (1685-1757)
Esecutori: Cera Francesco Fortepiano e Clavicembalo
Direttore: (Italiano) Cera Francesco
Organico: (Italiano) Cera Francesco Fortepiano e Clavicembalo
Title: Harpsichord Sonatas, 1742 (part III)
Titolo: Harpsichord Sonatas, 1742 (part III)
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