TC.693702 – LEONARDO LEO – Chamber Music – La Confraternita de’ Musici

As part of the discovery and research which for many years has focused on Neapolitan music, particular attention has been paid to Leonardo Leo.
This musician from Puglia, like a great many of his contemporaries, received his training at the conservatories of the capital of the Kingdom of Naples, and became one of the protagonists of the often cited—and widely debated—“Neapolitan school”.
This renewed interest in a composer who in his own day was considered a point of reference within circumscribed chronological and stylistic circles is not coincidental.
Appointed to the post of first organist at the Royal Chapel upon the death of Alessandro Scarlatti, Leo was in numerous ways the link between the grand master from Palermo and his Neapolitan heirs.
Thanks to the many positions held at those same institutions where he himself was educated (he was employed as “secondo maestro” and subsequently as “primo maestro” at the Conservatories of S.
Onofrio and La Pietà dei Turchini), Leo was able to pass on this tradition to his pupils, among whom were the “reformers” Jommelli and Piccinni.

Cod.: TC.693702
Total Lenght: 01:15:16
Edition: October 2004
Historic period: baroque
Composer: Leo Leonardo
Composer: Leo Leonardo
Performers: Marcello Gatti Traversiere solista
Ensemble: La Confraternita de’ Musici - Cosimo Prontera Maestro di Concerto al cembalo Ulrike Fischer violino principale, Maurizio Lillo, Pier Paolo Del Prete violino,Doriano Longo violino e viola Giuseppe Gravino violoncello, Maurizio Ria contrabbasso, Rosario Conte tiorba
Director: Cosimo Prontera
Durata Totale: (Italiano) 01:15:16
Edizione: Ottobre 2004
Periodo Storico: (Italiano) barocco
Compositore: Leo Leonardo
Esecutori: Marcello Gatti Traversiere solista
Direttore: (Italiano) Cosimo Prontera
Organico: (Italiano) La Confraternita de’ Musici
Title: Chamber Music
Titolo: Chamber Music
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