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Rossino da Mantova (15th Century), Marchetto Cara (1470-1525), Nicolò Pifaro (15th- 16th Century), Joan Ambrosio Dalza (?-1508), Michele Pesenti (1470-1528), Ludovico Fogliano (1475-1542), Anonymous (15th- 16th Century), Alessandro Demophon (15th- 16th Century), Guglielmo il Giuggiola 15th- 16th Century), Pietro Paulo Borrono (1490-1563), Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470-1535), Sebastiano Festa (1495-1524)
Pinxit - Musical Fresco of Renaissance in Bologna

The interweaving relationship among painters, writers and musicians in the anecdotes and musical citations of Il Viridario by Giovanni Philoteo Achillini, L’Egloga Pastorale by Cesare Nappi and Le Vite by Giorgio Vasari is witnessed by the frottolas, dances, carnival songs, playful and irreverent word games and musical settings of sonnets by Michelangelo and Raphael, as well as the poetry of Petrarch composed during the early sixteenth century in and around Bologna.