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Dulces exuviæ - Frottole on latin texts and wordplays

Information concerning the diverse literary interests of the Gonzaga court (and of the neighboring courts in Milan and Ferrara) sheds important light on a greater understanding of the frottola, a genre that arose and developed in these cultural circles. Moreover, it helps us to distinguish the infinite facets of a genre which is anything but homogeneous. These facets very accurately reflect the various cultural and, above all, literary aspects of the early Renaissance: the re-discovery of classical antiquity, an interest in declamation (recalling the traditions of orators and ballad singers) and, contemporarily, a taste for popular parody and the "earthy" side of poetry. Each of these elements is realized in the frottolas, and especially in those by Tromboncino.

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Cod.: TC.472002
Composer: TROMBONCINO BARTOLOMEO (1470-1535)
Performers: soprano: Alida Oliva, alto: Elena Biscuola; tenore: Matteo Zenatti, Massimiliano Pascucci, basso: Andrea Favari,traversa: Luigi Lupo, flauti dritti:Pamela Monkobodzky, violino: Rossella Croce, viola da gamba: Teresina Croce, liuto: Stefano Rocco, clavicembalo: Maria Luisa Baldassari.
Edition: 2001