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Samuel Scheidt, Anonimo, August Nörmiger, Domenico Alberti, Francesco Feroci, Giovanni Battista Martini, Giuseppe Carcani, Luigi Palmerini, Domenico Zipoli, Gaetano Donizetti.
Historical Organs of the Apennines of Bologna

A VOYAGE THROUGH REDISCOVERED SOUNDSLike a present-day traveller, Liuwe Tamminga takes us in this CD on fascinating musical voyage through some of the loveliest historical organs in the Apennines around Bologna. Six instruments are presented here, all recently restored, and the pieces performed upon them have been carefully chosen according to the particular characteristics of sound and construction of each organ. The choice of repertoire in this imaginary organ recital seems to have been inspired by the dances and voices of the people from these valleys: the works are taken from cultured musical sources, themselves inspired by this area’s wonderful folk tradition.