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Mottetti, Madrigali et Canzoni francese di diversi Eccelentissimi Autori [...] diminuiti per sonar con ogni sorte di Stromenti et anco per cantar[...], 1591

Today Bassano is most well known as an interpreter and theorist of the refined art of melodic ornamentation of preexistent compositions. This practice is known as diminution, substitution of original note values with shorter note values, and was in wide use especially in an improvisational context. Diminutions are an important aspect of Bassano’s artistic activity, as confirmed by written accounts of the period. Bassano’s first publication in this field is the collection”Ricercate, passaggi et cadentie, per potersi essercitare nel diminuir terminatamente con ogni sorte d’istromento: et anco diversi passaggi per la semplice voce, published in Venice by G. Vincenti and R. Amadino in 1585 (reprinted in Venice by G. Vincenti ,1598). The work consists of eight ricercate for solo instrument and a long series of intervals and cadential diminutions. At the end there are two ornamented versions without text of the four-part madrigal Signor mio caro by Cipriano de Rore (nos. 3 and 4 on this CD). These serve, according to Bassano’s notes to his readers, as an example of how to ornament an entire composition applying the various motives, passages, and cadences previously outlined in this volume. His next work, Motetti, madrigali, et canzoni francesi, di diversi eccellntissimi auttori a quattro, cinque e sei voci. Diminuiti per sonar con ogni sorte di stromenti, et anco per cantar con semplice voce was published in Venice by Giacomo Vincenti in 1591

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Cod.: TC.550201
Composer: BASSANO GIOVANNI (1558-1617)
Performers: soprano : Santina Tomasello, alto : Alessandro Carmignani, tenore : Paolo Fanciullacci, basso : Marcello Vargetto, flauto : Lapo Bramanti, trombone : David Yacus, organo e cembalo : Stefano Lorenzetti.
Edition: 1999