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Colombini Francesco ( 1588 -1671)
Concerti ecclesiastici - Mottetti concertati

The life and works of Francesco Colombini (Massa, 13 February 1588 - 4 August 1671) may be viewed in the context of the interest in music and the arts cultivated by the prince Carlo Cybo Malaspina (1581-1662), ruler of the state of Massa Carrara from 1623. Documentation gleaned from various sources reveals the precise designs of the prince, who had been raised in Ferrara in the refined and educated environment of courtly life. His intention was to foster lavish festivities for secular occasions as well as liturgical celebrations, and in this last circumstance Francesco Colombini was certainly a protagonist as a salaried musician at the church of San Pietro, the principal sacred institution of the city of Massa.

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Cod.: TC.585301
Composer: Colombini Francesco ( 1588 -1671)
Performers: Modo Antiquo - Bettina Hoffmann - Elena Cecchi Fedi: soprano, Elena Biscuola: contralto Vincenzo Di Donato: tenore, Paolo Fanciullacci: quintus, Marco Scavazza: basso Bettina Hoffmann: viola da gamba Giulia Nuti: organo, clavicembalo e flauto dritto, Gian Luca Lastraioli: tiorba e chitarra Federico Maria Sardelli: flauto dritto, Marco Castagnoli: flauto dritto, Amerigo Bernardi: violone.
Edition: February 2004