Ballatas and madrigals during the Signoria of Paolo Guinigi (15th century)A reconstruction in modern times of musical life during the Guinigi rule in Lucca presents a considerable number of objective difficulties. Paolo Guinigi was a prototype of the renaissance lord: a patron and champion of culture, he successfully governed for thirty years with magnanimity and mercy. Although he was a lover of art and music, no concrete traces have survived of the artistic circle, which surrounded him within the palace. And yet the celebrations of four marriages and the numerous and lavish receptions which he offered to illustrious dignitaries lead us to assume that eminent musical figures of the time must certainly have been in his service.Nonetheless, indirect testimony has assisted us in reconstructing the musical circle known to and admired by the Guinigis. A primary source is the writings (the Croniche and the Novelle). of Giovanni Sercambi, supporter and advisor to the Guinigi family for many years.


Disco n.1
Stefani, Andrea
I senti' matutino
  1 - I' senti' matutino (3:05)
Bartolino da Padova
Ama chi t'ama
  2 - Ama chi t'ama (4:44)
Octoboni, Johannes
Diva panthera
  3 - Diva panthera (2:44)
Lorenzo da Firenze
Da, da, a chi
  4 - Da, da, a chi (4:09)
Ludvicus de Arimino,
Nimis pulchrum
  5 - Nimis pulchrum (2:42)
Landini, Francesco
Vita non e più misera
  6 - Vita non e più misera (4:12)
Octoboni, Johannes
Tard il mio cor
  7 - Tard il mio cor (4:16)
Ciconia, Johannes
Una panthera in compagnia de Marte
  8 - Una panthera in compagnia de Marte (5:00)
Niccolò da Perugia
La fiera testa
  9 - La fiera testa (2:08)
Virtu, loco non ci a
  10 - Virtu, loco non ci a (3:43)
Octoboni, Johannes
Ave sublime triumphale
  11 - Ave sublime triumphale (2:18)
Gherardello da Firenze,
I' vo' bene
  12 - I' vo' bene (4:20)
Octoboni, Johannes
  13 - Amor (4:15)
Ciconia, Johannes
Per quella strada lactea del cielo
  14 - Per quella strada lactea del cielo (5:14)
Stefani, Andrea
Con tucta gentilecca
  15 - Con tucta gentilecca (4:04)
  • Composer: AA.VV.
  • Performers: Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua § Concentus Lucensis – Bassa cappella: Stefano Albarello: canto, liuti, organo portativo, Vincenzo Di Donato: canto, Paolo Faldi: flauti, Marco Muzzati: percussioni, Gianfranco Russo: viella. Trombetti della Signoria: Linda Severi: cialamello soprano, Michele Orsi: cialamello contralto, Mauro Morini: trombone, tromba a tiro
  • Historical Period: Middle Ages
  • Code: TC 400002
  • Edition: 2002
  • Barcode: 8007194102222
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 15
  • Total duration: 00:56:54

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