The instrument, the music, the performer, the audience: these elements together form a cyclical bond which in the last decades has transformed the practice and consumption of organ music in Europe, particularly in Italy.
The rediscovery of the importance of historical organs, the cataloguing of the instruments, the improved quality of restorations, and the increasing number of concerts and recordings, all have contributed to a growing interest in the study and publication of keyboard literature specifically intended for historical instruments.
Moreover, they have led to new directions in the specialized training of performers, and a slow but progressive interest on the part of audiences in the timbres of historical instruments and in a repertoire which, thanks to a new generation of performers, may now be fully appreciated.
On this recording, two historical organs from northeast Italy illustrate, through their sound structure and timbre, both the continuity and the transformation of taste and language in organ music which occurred over the course of almost two centuries.
A few decades after the building of the Callido organ in Venzone, the history of Italian organs would undergo a rapid change in tastes, increasingly moving away from earlier long-standing traditions.


Disco n.1
Fogliano, Giacomo
Ricercare No. 3
  1 - Ricercare No. 3 (1:59)
Gabrieli, Andrea
Canzona, "Qui la dira" (Libro Sesto, 1605)
  2 - Canzona, "Qui la dira" [Libro Sesto, 1605] (4:03)
Fogliano, Giacomo
Ricercare No. 4
  3 - Ricercare No. 4 (2:13)
Cavazzoni, Girolamo
Christe redemptor omnium
  4 - Christe redemptor omnium (2:23)
Stivori, Francesco
Ricercari, capricci et canzoni, Book 3
  5 - Ricercari, capricci et canzoni, Book 3: Canzone No. 3 (3:13)
Cavazzoni, Girolamo
Ave maris stella
  6 - Ave maris stella (2:41)
Picchi, Giovanni
Intavolatura di balli
  7 - Intavolatura di balli: Ballo ongaro (2:39)
Frescobaldi, Girolamo Alessandro
Fiori Musicali
  8 - Fiori Musicali: Canzon dopo la Pistola (2:09)
Toccate, canzone, versi d'hinni, Magnificat, gagliarde, correnti, Book 2
  9 - Il secondo libro di toccate, canzone, versi d'hinni, Magnificat, gagliarde, correnti: Toccata quarta, "per l'organo da sonarsi alla levatione" (6:13)
Fiori Musicali
  10 - Fiori Musicali: Bergamasca (5:25)
Merula, Tarquinio
  11 - Capriccio (3:02)
Pasquini, Bernardo
Variationi per il Paggio Todesco
  12 - Variationi per il Paggio Todesco (4:47)
Passagagli per lo scozzese
  13 - Passagagli per lo scozzese (3:39)
Pollarolo, Carlo Francesco
Keyboard Sonata No. 4
  14 - Keyboard Sonata No. 4 (1:51)
Capriccio for Organ
  15 - Capriccio for Organ (4:09)
Zipoli, Domenico
Sonate d'intavolatura, Book 1
  16 - Sonate d'intavolatura, Book I: All'Elevazione (3:47)
Martini, Giovanni Battista
Largo for Organ
  17 - Largo for Organ (3:33)
20 Composizioni Originali
  18 - 20 Composizioni Originali: Toccata per il Deo Gratias (2:40)
  • Composer: AA.VV.
  • Performers: Francesco Di Lernia, organ
  • Historical Period: Humanism and Renaissance
  • Code: TC 550004
  • Edition: May 2005
  • Barcode: 8007194103410
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 18
  • Total duration: 01:00:35

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