This recording reunites the subject of Il Virtuoso Ridotto, i.e., La Saviezza Giovenile, with the complete Virtuoso Ritrovo Accademico. This latter work is still unedited, and we have made the first attempts at a reconstruction of the score.
Our performance of La Saviezza follows the edition of 1628, which is complete. In a nod towards Il Virtuoso Ridotto, we have taken the third intermedio, Bottigliero e Cantori (found only in the collection of 1607) and have completed the score by inserting the Vinata di Brindesi from Il Festino nella sera del Giovedì Grasso.
In presenting this program, we have drawn inspiration from a “hypothetical meeting of virtuosi”, using for this purpose the game proposed by the plot of La Saviezza as an outline, while the pieces from Il Virtuoso Ritrovo have been inserted into the context from time to time as a sinfonia, intermedio pastorale or commento.
Our aim has been to reconstruct an entertainment in which “Banchierian caprices” alternate with literary texts, thereby underlining the compositional style and the versatility of the composer. Banchieri’s strambotti in Il Virtuoso Ridotto, written per bizzarria (on a lark) and, again, “to escape the hot summers which are harmful, due to idleness”, are alternated with verses by Jacopo Sannazzaro or Giovanni Battista Guarini, and set to music for Il Virtuoso Ritrovo Academico.
A skillful composer, a refined man of letters, a religious spirit, a connoisseur of human foibles, Banchieri enjoys casting an ironic eye on the culture and society of his time.
His musical writing plays between old and new styles just as the texts play with dialects, word games, and shreds of phrases uttered by “spindle merchants” or “youths leaving school” as they continuously interrupt the fragile connecting thread of the madrigal comedy.


Disco n.1
Banchieri, Adriano
Il virtuoso ritrovo academico, Op. 49
  1 - Sinfonia: Canzone sopra Ducale (1:37)
  2 - Canzonetta per introduzzione: Vattene canzonetta arditamente (0:54)
  3 - Intermedio: Mascherata de Lecco (1:27)
  4 - Sinfonia: Canzone sopra Romanesca (2:02)
  5 - Prologo recitato dall'Humor allegro: Circostanti state a udir quanto (1:25)
  6 - Sinfonia: Deh cieli inteneritevi (2:21)
  7 - Act I Scene 1: O pavarazzo duttor (Dottor Gratiano) (1:19)
  8 - Act I Scene 1: Sinfonia: Cor mio (1:52)
  9 - Act I Scene 2: Sospirando e piangendo mi vag' (Fortunato) (3:13)
  10 - Act I Scene 2: Oh, come sei gentile vago augellino (0:59)
  11 - Act I Scene 2: Io son pur vezzosetta (Romanesca) (2:29)
  12 - Act I Scene 3: Io son bella e favorita (Aurora) (1:54)
  13 - Act I Scene 4: Oh, della casa (Gratiano, Aurora) (2:36)
  14 - Act I Scene 4: Scherzo in canzonetta o Bizzarria: Voi dite esser di foco (1:21)
  15 - Act I Scene 4: Intermedio: Nu semmo tre duttor (1:26)
  16 - Act I Scene 4: Sinfonia: Canzone sopra Nizzarda (1:02)
  17 - Act II Scene 1: Dolorosi tromenti, aspri martiri (Leandro) (1:53)
  18 - Act II Scene 1: Aria: O bellissimi capelli (Gran Duca) (2:27)
  19 - Act II Scene 2: Cara Isabella mia (Leandro, Isabella) (2:18)
  20 - Act II Scene 3: Questo mio core con sospir desia (Isabella) (1:55)
  21 - Act II Scene 4: Cosa fat Isabella in su la strada? (Gratiano, Isabella) (3:27)
  22 - Act II Scene 4: Sinfonia: La sampogna (2:10)
  23 - Act II Scene 4: Nel volte ha Fili ascose (Madrigal) (4:13)
  24 - Act II Scene 4: Canzonetta: Fili Fili, ove t'ascondi (2:19)
  25 - Act II Scene 4: Sinfonia: O misera Dorinda (1:41)
  26 - Act II Scene 4: Lamento di Leandro pastore (3:35)
  27 - Act II Scene 4: Sinfonia: O Mirtillo (1:58)
  28 - Act II Scene 4: Intermedio: Sentite tre fanciulli (1:54)
  29 - Act II Scene 4: Sinfonia: Oh chiome erranti (1:35)
  30 - Act III Scene 1: Vaga e gentil Aurora, quando sara quell'hora (Fortunato, Aurora) (1:16)
  31 - Act III Scene 2: Fortunato, mio bene (Aurora, Fortunato) (0:52)
  32 - Act III Scene 3: Amor, laro cornuo (Pantalone) (1:30)
  33 - Act III Scene 4: Msier Piattelon, scarrissimo Piastron! (Gratiano, Pantalone) (2:39)
  34 - Act III Scene 4: Madrigale da tavolino: Nacque Amor, cieco (2:19)
  35 - Act III Scene 4: Licenza e chiuso: Circostanti Pantalon (1:21)
  36 - Act III Scene 4: Bottigliero e cantori: Bibite cantores, bibite cantores (2:45)
  • Performers: Leopoldo d’Agostino, flauti diritti, direzione / flûtes à bec, direction; Sigurd van Lommel, voce di controtenore / voix de contreténor; Silvia Cossaro, voce recitante / voix récitante, Cinzia Zotti, soprano e basso di viola da gamba / dessus et basse de viole de gambe ; Pascal Lefrançois, spinettino, organo ottavino / ottavina, orgue en table; Valérie Loomer, tiorba, chitarrina, cetera / théorbe, guitare, cistre; Julien Hainsworth, violoncello / violoncelle; Donato Sansone, percussioni, scacciapensieri, zampogna / percussions, scacciapensieri, musette; Massimo Corso, clavicembalo / clavecin . in accompagnamento della voce recitante / en accompagnement à la voix récitante
  • Historical Period: Humanism and Renaissance
  • Code: TC 560203
  • Edition: 2005
  • Barcode: 8007194103113
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 36
  • Total duration: 01:12:23

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