As far back as 1300, the Jewish community of Mantua was unique, at least in Italy.
The absence of a veritable industry, as well as the marginal role which the city of the Gonzagas played in the fields of economics and finance, translated into a benevolent situation for the Jews here, despite strong pressures to the contrary exercised by the Church.
In this context, therefore, it is not surprising that already in the 14th century the Jewish community represented a stable and influential element not only at a political level but at an artistic one as well.
Indeed, numerous are the musical figures who made this community (more so than any other in northern Italy) important and respected for the excellence of its musical activities.
One such musician stands apart for both the quantity and quality of his works: Salomone Rossi, active at the Mantuan court from 1587 to 1628. Rossi was a composer who not only collaborated and competed with the “greats” of his time, Monteverdi and Gastoldi. He also wrote instrumental and vocal music, which he dedicated to his Christian patron, and the latter, in exchange, exonerated him for exhibiting the star of David on his clothes.
Contemporarily, Rossi referred to himself on all of the title pages of his printed works as ‘Hebreo’, as if deliberately wanting to confirm his ties with the Jewish community, its theatrical troupe and instrumental ensemble


Disco n.1
Rossi, Salamone
Madrigaletti per cantar a due soprani o tenori, Op. 13 (arr. D. Cantalupi)
  1 - Temer, donna non dei (2:08)
  2 - Riede la Primavera (1:42)
  3 - Volo nei tuoi begl'occhi (1:47)
  4 - Poiche mori dicesti (1:54)
  5 - Ho si nell'alma impresso (1:43)
  6 - Non e questo il ben mio? (1:25)
  7 - S'io paleso il mio foco (1:18)
  8 - Alma dell'alma mia (1:51)
  9 - Messager di speranza (2:45)
  10 - Ahi ben ti veggio, ingrata (1:44)
  11 - Voi dite io son giaccio (1:38)
  12 - Vago Augelletto (3:36)
  13 - Gradita liberta (5:27)
  14 - Pargoletta che non sai (3:23)
  15 - Vo' volar lontan da te (3:17)
  16 - Tra mill'e mille belle (1:33)
  17 - Fillide vuol ch'io viva (1:37)
  18 - Zeffiro torna (3:23)
Il primo libro de madrigali … con alcuni di detti madrigali nel chittarrone (arr. D. Cantalupi)
  19 - Anima del cor mio (2:09)
  20 - Ohime, se tanto amate (2:32)
  21 - Tirsi mio, caro Tirsi (2:17)
  22 - Udite, lacrimosi Spirti d'Averno (2:58)
  23 - Cor mio deh non languire (5:45)
  24 - Parlo, misero, o taccio? (2:20)
  • Composer: ROSSI SALOMONE
  • Performers: Ensemble“L’AURA SOAVE ” historic instruments- director : Diego Cantalupi; Soprano: Antonella Tatulli e Diana Pelegatti ; Alto: Susanna Bortolamei; Tenors: Rolf Ehlers e Peter De Laurentis; Spinet: Leonardo Morini; Violoncello: Marco Frezzato; Theorbo : Diego Cantalupi.
  • Historical Period: Humanism and Renaissance
  • Code: TC 571802
  • Edition: 2000
  • Barcode: 8007194101676
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 24
  • Total duration: 01:00:24

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