Carlo Filago (1586-1644)

Carlo Filago, excellent musician born in Rovigo in the center of Polesine region, was mainly a talented organist. In 1623 he won the competition for the assignment as first organist at S. Marco in Venice outperforming valid competitors: responsible for S. Marco’s Cappella was at that time no less than Claudio Monteverdi. Contemporary documents confirm his ability and praise his “florid style” and his “inimitable virtuosity”. The collection of the Sacri Concerti a voce sola, published in Venice in 1642, is a typical example of the Venetian motet, a musical form that has given us countless collections containing precious musical gems (such as La Ghirlanda Sacra, [tc.620080] and I SacriMusicali Affetti by Barbara Strozzi [tc.611990]). The author’s intent to adhere to the ancient style of the Monteverdi “prima prattica” is well done by the Ensemble Les Nations, led by Maria Luisa Baldassari and including the leading voice of Arianna Lanci, Elena Bianchi”s dulciana, and the participation by alto Marcella Ventura, by tenor Giovanni Cantarini, and by Pedro Alcacer on the theorbo.


Disco n.1
Carlo Filago
Sacri concerti a voce sola. Con la partitura per l’organo, Venezia 1642
  1 - O beatum cuius anima (3:05)
  2 - Tota pulchra es amica mea (4:55)
  3 - Aurora lucis rutilat (5:12)
  4 - Exurge gloria mea (4:20)
  5 - Venite filij audite me (4:41)
  6 - Ego autem sum vermis (5:02)
  7 - Dulcis Amor Iesu (6:06)
  8 - Introduxit me Rex (4:55)
  9 - Iste est Ioannes (3:12)
  10 - Alma redemptoris Mater (4:39)
  11 - O quantum tibi debeo (7:04)
  12 - Ave Maria virgo gratiosissima (4:53)
  13 - Salve Regina (8:40)
  14 - Quem vidistis pastores (6:22)
  • Composer: Carlo Filago (1586-1644)
  • Performers: Ensemble Les Nations Strumenti storici / Historical instruments
    Arianna Lanci, soprano
    Marcella Ventura, alto · Giovanni Cantarini, tenore · Elena Bianchi, dulciana · Pedro Alcacer, tiorba · Maria Luisa Baldassari, clavicembalo, organo e direzione
  • Musicological Text: Mariarosa Pollastri
  • Historical Period: Humanism and Renaissance
  • Code: TC580610
  • Edition: July 2022
  • Barcode: 8007194107685
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 14
  • Total duration: 74:06
  • Notes: Recorded at Castello Malatestiano – Longiano, FC – November 2019
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