Pietro Porfiri (XVII-XVIII sec.)

Within this CD is brought to light a completely forgotten composer, the priest Pietro Porfiri from Marche.
Very little is known about him, and the works included in this album are taken from a collection of secular cantatas he published in 1692, just at the time when this kind of music was widespread by publishers all over Europe, particularly in Italy.
The beautiful voices of soprano Pamela Lucciarini and countertenor Alessandro Carmignani bring to light an unexpected musical writing, where Porfiri demonstrates a mastery of style, in search of innovative solutions extremely audacious for its time.
The basso continuo is by the period instruments ensemble, Laboratorio Armonico, featuring highly skilled early music artists.


1-11. Dal zodiaco stellato, per Canto e continuo 18:10
12-23. Lungi dal bel Metauro, per Canto e continuo 19:38
24-33. Là per l’Itale sponde, per Alto e continuo 26:40
34-40. Godan pure, per Alto e continuo 12:35
  • Composer: Pietro Porfiri (XVII-XVIII sec.)
  • Performers: Pamela Lucciarini, soprano
    Alessandro Carmignani, controtenore
    Il Laboratorio Armonico
  • Musicological Text: Marc Vanscheeuwijck
  • Historical Period: Late Baroque
  • Code: TC 651601
  • Edition: April 2015
  • Barcode: 8007194106206
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 34
  • Total duration: 01:17:06
  • Notes: World Premiere Recording · Historical Instruments
  • Texts: Chamber Cantatas for solo voice, Opus I, Bologna 1692

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