Mario Bianchelli (1660-1730)

This world premiere recording by ArsEmble is focused on the rediscovery of the seventeenth-century composer from Rimini, Mario Bianchelli, an amateur instrumentalist (belonging to a noble and wealthy family, and therefore without the need to practice the musical profession for living) formed at the Collegio dei Nobili in the city of Parma, managed by the Jesuit fathers. The young Bianchelli excelled there in the study of the guitar, the lute and the harpsichord. His activity as a composer was widespread and renowned, and this production is dedicated to the manuscript chamber cantatas preserved in the Gambalunga library in Rimini, one of the richest and most important public libraries in Italy. The concertation of the cantatas is by Roberto Cascio, protagonist of many productions within the Tactus catalog (TC650770, Ippolito Ghezzi; TC520003 La historia del Beato Martino; TC640001, Il Seicento Italiano “alla Spagnuola”; TC660005, Baruffe Amorose del Settecento).


Disc n.1
Mario Bianchelli
  1 - Torna o core (2:57)
  2 - Che tanto sospirar (4:20)
  3 - Sciolto il cor (3:11)
  4 - Penerò se m’odii (2:23)
  5 - Per tutto ove il pensier (9:14)
  6 - A Lidia ch’agli amanti (2:35)
  7 - Son disperato (6:25)
  8 - Vendetta, vendetta (2:12)
  9 - Brillando il ciel (11:20)
  10 - A voi che l’accendeste (18:42)

  • Composer: Mario Bianchelli (1660-1730)
  • Performers: ArsEmble, Roberto cascio, concertazione
  • Musicological Text: Maria Elena Ceccarelli
  • Historical Period: Late Baroque
  • Code: TC660201
  • Edition: October 2023
  • Barcode: 8007194107975
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 10
  • Total duration: 63:44
  • Texts: Cantatas and arias
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