Tomaso Pegolotti (1666-1749)

This album is dedicated to Tomaso Pegolotti, a character who held the double role of notary public and musician in the land of the Estense dukedom between Modena and Reggio Emilia. In fact, his father Livio initiated him into both the study of music and law and thanks to his commitment and his talent, Tomaso had a brilliant career in both professions. The collection of the Trattenimenti armonici da camera […] opera prima, dedicated to Prince Foresto d”Este in 1698, contains his entire instrumental production, as the planned second work was finally never terminated due to Pegolotti”s involvement in some unexpected political clash also connected to one of his judicial publications. The collection consists of twelve sonatas from which can be deduced that the author possessed considerable technical skills on the violin. The Opera Quinta ensemble led by Fabrizio Longo (former protagonist of other important productions by Tactus: tc.630201, tc.670290 and tc.621602) is a solid reference in the musical practice of early and Baroque music.


Disco n.1
Tomaso Pegolotti
Trattenimenti armonici da camera
  1 - Trattenimento Primo. (6:10)
  2 - Trattenimento Secondo. (6:11)
  3 - Trattenimento Terzo. (7:05)
  4 - La Pegolotta* | Trattenimento Quarto. (6:21)
  5 - Trattenimento Quinto. (5:12)
  6 - Trattenimento Sesto. (6:07)
  7 - Trattenimento Settimo. (6:41)
  8 - Trattenimento Ottavo. (6:33)
  9 - Trattenimento Nono. (6:45)
  10 - Trattenimento Decimo. (7:05)
  11 - Trattenimento Undecimo. (8:22)
  12 - Trattenimento Duodecimo. (6:54)
  • Composer: Tomaso Pegolotti (1666-1749)
  • Performers: Opera Quinta · Fabrizio Longo
  • Musicological Text: Fabrizio Longo
  • Historical Period: Late Baroque
  • Code: TC661604
  • Edition: November 2022
  • Barcode: 8007194107876
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 12
  • Total duration: 79:35
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