If the Italian language is considered still today to be the best verbal vehicle for music, this is due to the immense dissemination of opera–and essentially Neapolitan opera—during the eighteenth century.
This CD (containing music heard here for the first time) demonstrates the outer western limits of this cultural empire, which reached as far as Mexico and Guatemala.
In recent times, many performers have become interested in the music of the colonial Americas, and their approach to this repertoire has underlined its more picturesque aspects and those qualities most apt to seduce a European audience enamored with the exotic.
In this case, however, the attempt has been made to present works written by unknown Italian composers which are still preserved in the archives of the cathedral of Guatemala, where we had the opportunity of studying them in 1979.


Disco n.1
Jerusalem y Stella, Ignacio
Qu'el amour, qu'el honor
  1 - Qu'el amour, qu'el honor (2:24)
O golpe suave
  2 - O golpe suave (8:24)
Leo, Leonardo
Combite peregrino
  3 - Combite peregrino (4:33)
Tu que piedra os hace
  4 - Tu que piedra os hace (6:21)
De Dios el afecto
  5 - De Dios el afecto (6:10)
Jerusalem y Stella, Ignacio
Triumphe Maria reyna sagrada
  6 - Triumphe Maria reyna sagrada (4:32)
Leo, Leonardo
Ya te proclaman los cielos
  7 - Ya te proclaman los cielos (5:25)
Jerusalem y Stella, Ignacio
Despierta bato
  8 - Despierta bato (4:28)
Logroscino, Nicola Bonifacio
Mi bien amor
  9 - Mi bien amor (6:04)
Jerusalem y Stella, Ignacio
Que admirais mortales
  10 - Que admirais mortales (4:05)
Leo, Leonardo
Gemit sospirat - Jesus y que finezas
  11 - Gemit sospirat - Jesus y que finezas (6:06)
Jerusalem y Stella, Ignacio
Ni del mar ni del ayre - Rompa ayrado el cielo
  12 - Ni del mar ni del ayre - Rompa ayrado el cielo (5:20)
Cielos que aquesto miras - Llore yo
  13 - Cielos que aquesto miras - Llore yo (5:22)
Ea feliz vajel - Nave dichosa
  14 - Ea feliz vajel - Nave dichosa (5:30)
En un portal arruinado
  15 - En un portal arruinado (1:44)
  • Performers: Ensemble Albalonga – Direttore: Anìbal E. Cetrangolo – Cristina Miatello: soprano, Aki Osada Cestari: soprano, Elena Biscuola: contralto, Luca Dordolo: tenor, Fulvio Bettini: bariton; Federico Guglielmo: violin I, Rossella Croce: violin II. Nicoletta Meneghini: viola, Carlo Zanardi: cello; Ruggero Vartolo: oboe I, Nicola Favaro: oboe II; Nicola Reniero: harpsichord
  • Historical Period: Classicism
  • Code: TC 701001
  • Edition: 2002
  • Barcode: 8007194102284
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 15
  • Total duration: 01:16:35

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