Giovanni Battista Candotti (1809-1876)

Giovanni Battista Candotti was born in 1809 and died in 1876. Self-taught musician and refined sacred music expert, he was Chapel Master at the Cathedral of Cividale del Friuli (Udine, Northeast Italy). He was still a child when he was sent to study in a seminary by his family,whose poor economic conditions would not have allowed him to pursue an advanced literary education.The great diligence shown from the earliest stages of his schooling, together with the swift progress he made both in theology and in literary subjects earned him a number of prizes and acknowledgements, also enabling him to complete his studies ahead of time.He stood out in Italian, Latin, Greek and Jewish literature. From his vast production, mainly of a sacred and liturgical genre, Gerwin Hoekstra, winner of the First Prize at the “International Organ Competition for Historical Organs of the Basso Friuli”,VI edition, 2018, offers to us a significant anthology of typical pieces of the Italian Risorgimento style, at the 1850Valentino Zanin organ from the church ofTalmassons (Udine – Italy).


Sinfonia 5 in Do Maggiore op. 40 [1829]
1. Andante, Allegro 8:41
Suonatina in Sol Maggiore [1833]
2. Allegretto 4:03
3. Andante 2:19
4. Allegretto 1:38
Quattro brevi adagi op. 98 [1833]
5. Andante in la minore 2:01
6. Andante in sol minore 2:04
7. Andante in mi minore 1:52
8. Andante in la minore 1:42
Sinfonia 22 in re minore op. 142 [1835]
9. Andante, Allegro 7:23
10. Rondò in Do maggiore op. 131 [1835] 3:23
11. Pastorale in Sol Maggiore op. 77 [1831] 4:40
Suonata in Re Maggiore op. 46 [1830]
12. Allegro 6:02
13. Andante 4:30
14. Rondò 4:09
15. Andante in fa Maggiore op. 45 [1830] 6:50
Tre Pezzi Pastorali op. 292 [1848]
16. All’Offertorio (Allegro Moderato) 5:16
17.All’Elevazione (Andante) 3:34
18.Al Postcommunio (Allegro Maestoso) 3:26
  • Composer: Giovanni Battista Candotti (1809-1876)
  • Performers: Gerwin Hoekstra
  • Musicological Text: ManuelTomadin
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 800301
  • Edition: November 2020
  • Barcode: 8007194107296
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 18
  • Total duration: 73:43

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