The music on this CD helps to do justice to a great musician who has been practically forgotten, and was ignored and unrecognised.
A large part of the rebirth of Italian organ inspiration, now freed from the theatrical influences, can be attributed to him; the rich vein that began halfway through the 19th century and continued until the first decades of the 20th century, saw organists and composers intent on creating an authentically Italian musical idiom.
The most important traits of the composer’s inventive sensitivity emerge in these compositions, written with admirable attention to the characteristics of the organ, such as: precision of form, rich harmonies, ingenious melodies, skilled counterpoint, as well as essentiality of line.
Not only, but they also show the clear way his melodies interweave, the changes in the shades of the dynamic colouring and the balance between the musical components – all aspects that contribute to creating highly expressive language.
Pieces of particular interest are: Allegretto, with sparklingly variable themes supported by erudite harmonies, the splendid Preludio e fuga in D minor, an amazing example of formal perfection, the Scherzo in D major is admirable for its plastic essentiality and uncontainable joy, and the unpredictable Offertoire sur le Noël Adeste fideles, is exquisite and full of marvellous harmonies.


Disco n.1
Capocci, Filippo
10 Composizioni per organo
  1 - 10 Composizioni per organo: No. 3. Inno trionfale (3:49)
10 Pieces
  2 - No. 1. Arioso in A-Flat Major (3:40)
  3 - No. 8. Allegretto E-Flat Major (5:00)
Preludio e fuga
  4 - Preludio e fuga (7:23)
Offertoire sur le Noel - Adeste Fidelis
  5 - Offertoire sur le Noel - Adeste Fidelis (5:38)
Scherzo in D Major
  6 - Scherzo in D Major (5:08)
10 Pieces
  7 - 10 Pieces: No. 5. Canzona in B Minor (6:04)
Allegro maestoso
  8 - Allegro maestoso (5:28)
10 Composizioni per organo
  9 - 10 Composizioni per organo: No. 4. Elegia (4:21)
10 Pieces
  10 - 10 Pieces: No. 10. March triomphale in B-Flat Major (9:32)
  • Performers: Marco Limone, organ
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 840301
  • Edition: June 2009
  • Barcode: 8007194104158
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 10
  • Total duration: 00:56:48
  • Notes: Organo Vegezzi-Bossi (1916-1934)

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