The chamber music of Luigi Maurizio Tedeschi is virtually unknown to many people.
A harpist and composer, noted mostly for his important contribution to the repertoire of his instrument, Tedeschi lived during the transitional period between two centuries and his music is exemplary of the moods and atmospheres of both.
His biography, straightforward and similar to that of many other musicians, can be quickly summarized. Tedeschi was an excellent instrumentalist and doctor of natural sciences, a concert artist, composer and later a teacher.
Born in Turin in 1867, he studied harp at the Conservatory of Milan under Angelo Bovio, earning a diploma with a silver medal in 1890, after which time he moved to Paris.
This city, which from the 18th century had been the capital of harp builders and players, maintained this position even though the piano had begun to overshadow the harp to some extent in everyday music.
Here Tedeschi furthered his studies with Felix Godefroid, esteemed instrumentalist and composer, before launching a concert career that would take him to the major cities of Europe.
Subsequently, as was customary, he was given a teaching position at the conservatory, first in Venice and then (from 1902) in Milan, and his didactic career took on great importance.


Disco n.1
Tedeschi, Luigi Maurizio
Elegie, Op. 22
  1 - Elegie, Op. 22 (5:57)
Improvviso, Op. 19, "Presso il mulino"
  2 - Improvviso, Op. 19, "Presso il mulino" (3:59)
Fantasia, Op. 48
  3 - Fantasia, Op. 48 (8:23)
Improvviso drammatico, Op. 33
  4 - Improvviso drammatico, Op. 33 (6:41)
Serenade, Op. 28
  5 - Serenade, Op. 28 (3:09)
Suite, Op. 46
  6 - I. Improvviso (7:12)
  7 - II. Intermezzo reverie (8:39)
  8 - III. Valzer Serenade (4:24)
  • Performers: Antonella Ciccozzi, arpa, Marco Rogliano, violino, Francesco Sorrentino, violoncello
  • Historical Period: Romanticism
  • Code: TC 862001
  • Edition: September 2004
  • Barcode: 8007194103076
  • Set: 1
  • Total tracks: 8
  • Total duration: 00:48:24

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